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Dick Pershern, owner of Riverbend Farm in Pleasant Hill, shares his experience of using acupuncture at the Turning Point


“My name is Dick Pershern. I came to Turning Point Center to have Tom help me with my allergies. In particular, I am allergic to Scotch Broom, which right now, at this time of year, is very heavy.

"Last weekend, I worked all weekend outdoors on my farm with not a hint of reaction to the Scotch Broom. In a word, it works. For the first time in twenty years, I can breathe in the month of May.

"I can’t tell people who haven’t experienced it, what is like to be free of the allergy symptoms. It opens up your life. You have energy. You can continue on with your life instead of hiding indoors trying to avoid the symptoms or just being miserable from the symptoms.”

--Dick Pershern, Eugene, OR

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