Very Successful

"My greatest trouble had been not feeling anything [in the three fingers in my right hand] and not being able to pick up things. Through the treatments received from Tom I had gotten much better. In fact, now I can pick up paperclips and I can pick up things that I had not done before, which was great. I even am able to use my eye drop dispenser for my eyes because I am blind. I have just been really so pleased with all the things Tom has been able to do for me.”

--Ruth Holt, Albany, OR


I Can Sleep Through The Night

“My name is Lynn Reiling and I have been coming to Turning Point Acupuncture Center for two and a half years. I initially came for allergies. I was a little nervous because I don’t like needles. I was pleasantly surprised that it was very easy to do. The needles didn’t bother me at all.

“With my allergies, I couldn’t bike ride. I had trouble being outside. I also found that it really helped me because I was waking up at night and unable to go back to sleep. [Acupuncture] really helped me with that. Now I can sleep through the night. I have no problem with that. I am able to bike ride, do yard work.

“I love Turning Point and I highly recommend it to anybody and I often recommend it to my friends.”

--Lynn Reiling, Eugene, OR


I Recover Quickly Now

“I started coming to Turning Point because my husband was a patient here and I saw what it was doing for him. He’s a cancer survivor and he’s interested in doing integrative medicine both from the east and west. I have my own health challenges. I have heart issues. I have arrhythmias, stress, and depression.

“So, I started to come to Turning Point. I had a hip injury. I fell down the stairs when I was pregnant with my daughter when I was 30. My hip would always go out of alignment. Over the years, I kept getting stiffer and stiffer. After several months of treatment, I was able to put on my pants with lifting up my legs without having to lean on anything. I was so excited. It was like a miracle to me.

“With nutrition, being good to myself, and making healthy lifestyle changes through guidance of Tom Williams and his lovely wife Holly, I followed some advice of theirs and I also got some extra help. I am now off of my anti-arrhythmia medicine. I am only doing that as needed. I am off of my reflux medicine. I am off of asthma medicine. I am healthier than I have ever been in my life I believe. I am off of my depression medicine. I use the alpha stimulator to be able to sleep. I no longer need my anti-depressants.

“Recently, I had very, very sick virus. I lost my voice. For the second time, I was able to rid of my laryngitis after an acupuncture treatment. The first time was a few years ago when I was in a play. I had a lead. I was singing the lead of Carmen in Curtains and I had no voice. And so both years ago and again, as proof, last week: I now have my voice. You can hear. I am not gravelly like some kind of sexy, raspy old jazz singer.

“The interesting thing that I find here is that I can lay on the table and feel the effects of the needles before he even puts them in right now. It’s so peaceful here and wonderful. I always come away feeling nurtured and fed spiritually and physically. I am really grateful to acupuncture. I highly recommend it to people.

“I recently had my neck and shoulder hurt so badly, I was going into vertigo. Once I started up treatment again, the vertigo hasn’t returned. I am starting to run and take belly dancing. I recover really quickly now from any kind of joint or pain from the exercise. I am able to exercise at a higher level than I have in years. I am so totally grateful to Turning Point and to Tom Williams and Holly. It’s a very, very lovely place to come and to heal.”

--Margaret Innocenti, Eugene, OR


Acupuncture Has Changed My Life

“I came and after my first treatment I could walk out the door without being hunched over. When I came in I could hardly pick my feet up to walk up the steps. So I went out and said well that’s really pretty cool.

“Since then I’ve been a regular customer here. I’ve had success with more than just my back. I’ve had both my shoulders surgically repaired about 15 years ago. Those are starting to give me a lot of trouble. I asked Tom about it and he said, ‘Sure, we could help you with your shoulders.’

“I’ve become an avid golfer. Because I am able to use my whole body, I am playing better golf than I ever have in my life. I just finished going on a six-mile hike this morning before I came here and, like I said, it used to be I couldn’t walk across the parking lot to get to my car after work without bending over."

--Rod Barrett, Eugene, OR


A Really Good Experience

“Hi, my name is Katie Stiles and I first came to Turning Point for acupuncture with my morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son. I was throwing up four to five times a day while working full-time as a teacher, so it was quite challenging. I tried everything. I tried the motion sickness bracelets. I tried vitamin B-12, sleeping pills that were supposed to help with nausea. Everything would help for a day or two. I then tried medications and ended with an anti-nausea medication that they use for chemo patients.

“All of it felt wrong to do while pregnant, but I was kind of at a loss and in survival mode. All of them would work for a day or two then stop. One day, when I was visiting my OB there was a fill-in nurse who recommended acupuncture. I hadn’t tried it because I didn’t know it was available and my OB had never recommended it.

“Willing to do anything, I came to Turning Point. Within a week, I was throwing up twice a day and then once a week. It completely stopped within two weeks. I came regularly. I did have to come a lot in the beginning and then it just slowly tapered out. I remember the day Tom told me that I don’t think you need to come any more. I got big tears in my eyes. He said, ‘No, no, you can keep coming!’ I kept coming and it was wonderful. It helped, obviously with the nausea, but just with relaxing during my pregnancy and it was great."

--Katie Stiles, Eugene, OR


Improved My Life So Much

“I’ve been going for a year now and the treatment has been amazing to me. The thing that has impressed me the most is that my symptoms are related. The pain is much reduced. I have so much more energy. I have less anxiety, I am not depressed. I sleep well. My digestion is better. So many things have happened as a result of acupuncture that I didn’t expect.

“I continue to come back once a week. If I miss a week, I begin to feel achy more. Overall, it has just improved my life so much. I am able to work in the garden. I am able to hang out with my grandson and volunteer in his classroom at school, so many things that I wouldn’t feel like I could do a year ago. I appreciate that so much.”

--Judy Pinson, Eugene, OR


I Just Love Coming Here

“My name is Jo Holzbauer and I have come to Turning Point for several years now for acupuncture. The main reason I came is because I had a very serious fall and I had surgery on both of my knees. I had torn meniscuses in both of them and I have lots of arthritis in them. I just was looking for whatever was out there that could help me feel better and to hopefully heal quicker. Somebody told me I should try acupuncture. I asked a few people and lots of people recommended the Turning Point and specifically Tom. I’ve been coming at least once a week. Initially, I was coming twice a week. It’s made a big difference in my healing. I’m sure it’s made it quicker. I just love coming here. It’s a loving thing to do for yourself. That’s why I came.”

--Jo Holzbauer, Eugene, OR


The Treatment Was Perfect

It’s been gone for the last seven months, and it has been absolutely fantastic. Not knowing much about the medical side of this, all I can say is his diagnosis was spot on, and the treatment was perfect, and it works. I am now able to wear any of my shoes. I’ve actually even been jogging--slowly.

“I would say without any question that this was a fantastic experience and without it I would still be out there shuffling around.”

--Eric McCready, Eugene, OR


So Grateful that i avoided painful surgery

Melody Fairchild

In 2006, elite athlete Melody Fairchild could not walk barefoot across a hardwood floor because the pain in her swollen left foot was too intense. Despite daily treatments with ice and self-massage, the pain persisted for seven months.

Melody had Morton’s neuroma: an inflamed nerve in her foot. This diagnosis was particularly troubling because Melody was born to run. Considered by many to be the greatest high school distance runner of all time, she was the first high school girl to run two miles in under ten minutes, a two-time national cross-country champion, and the bronze medalist at the world championships. She wasn’t about to let a neuroma stop her.

“Countless other professional athletes suggested that I get invasive surgery to cut the nerve out of my foot,” she said, “but another friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture.”

She remembers vividly the effect of each treatment: “I would lie down and be in this extremely deep state of relaxation.” By the third treatment, Melody could feel and see the difference. “My foot was visibly wider. It was like he used a winch to make space between those tight metatarsals.”

As a result of acupuncture treatment, the neuroma “melted” and she could run again. “I am so grateful that I avoided a painful surgery that would have resulted in loss of sensation forever,” she says.The acupuncture was so successful.”

In addition to training for races, Melody coaches adults and children privately, leads running camps for middle and high school girls, and teaches Cortical Field Re-education, a movement awareness discipline. Find out more about Melody at


Mother And Daughter Duo On Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergies

Alayne: “I know a lot of people think acupuncture is needles and painful, but it’s not at all. We were really happy to see that it’s very relaxing. When we come out of a treatment, we are both so, ah, that was so relaxing. It’s almost like a nice little respite to look forward to when we know we have an appointment. It’s been very helpful for us, and Tom and Janeen have both been really wonderful.

(To Heather): “Anything? Has it been helping you?”

Heather: “Yes.”

Alayne: “And you like coming to acupuncture?”

Heather: “Yes.”

Alayne: “And you would recommend it to people?”

Heather: “Sure.”

--Alayne and Heather Clarke, Eugene, OR


I Can Breathe In The Month Of May

“My name is Dick Pershern. I came to Turning Point Center to have Tom help me with my allergies. In particular, I am allergic to Scotch Broom, which right now, at this time of year, is very heavy.

"Last weekend, I worked all weekend outdoors on my farm with not a hint of reaction to the Scotch Broom. In a word, it works. For the first time in twenty years, I can breathe in the month of May.

"I can’t tell people who haven’t experienced it, what is like to be free of the allergy symptoms. It opens up your life. You have energy. You can continue on with your life instead of hiding indoors trying to avoid the symptoms or just being miserable from the symptoms.”

--Dick Pershern, Eugene, OR


Allowed Me To Keep Doing What I Love

“Hi, I’m Bess Day, also known as Aphrofighty. I skate roller derby with the Flat Track Furies with the Emerald City Roller Girls roller derby league. I came to Turning Point originally because I was skating in a bout and I got nailed by this giant, 300-pound woman. She sent me flying. I landed right on the sweet spot of my rear end. I had just shooting pain all down my leg.

"I went to Tom and he hooked me right up with some great treatment and got me back on the track in no time flat. Since then, he has treated me for shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, general stress, and the abuse that we take out here on the track. He has allowed me and my 39-year-old body to keep skating and doing what I love. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

--Bess Day, Eugene, OR


Healed Many Fairly Serious Injuries

“Hi, I’m Marietta Bonaventure, also known as Vexine. I play roller derby with the Flat Track Furies. We are sponsored by Turning Point Acupuncture, whose services I have used many, many times. I’ve healed so many fairly serious injuries with the help of Turning Point’s great practitioners and I rely on them for healing up all my little owies. They do a wonderful job. Thank you.”

--Marietta Bonaventure, Eugene, OR


I Feel Better All Over

“Hi, my name is Katie Bennett. I am also known as Katarina Van Rotten, and I skate for the Flat Track Furies, which is one of the Emerald City Roller Girls teams. I play roller derby, and it’s a really physical, very athletic sport. I’ve always been athletic, but this definitely pushes me to my limits. I started coming into Turning Point Center to address some specific problems that I have: tightness in my knees, a recent injury to my hip.

"What I found is that when I leave I feel better all over. It really allows me some space to relax and regroup and to address not just that one area but all the things that come with being injured when you are a really competitive person. I am really grateful to Turning Point Center for making me feel better and for being a really great place to come.”

--Katie Bennett, Eugene, OR


I Have My Health Back

“It’s been 21 years since I’ve smoked a cigarette. Before then I was at a pack a day. My wife says I was at close to two packs a day. I visited Tom Williams. We went through three treatments. I tried to disprove it, and then on my last treatment, I decided not to smoke.

“The thing for me for smoking was physical. Psychologically, I would tell myself I wanted to quit smoking, get myself prepared, and then at one or two days be overwhelmed with physical craving for smoking cigarettes. That was the one piece that was just really hard for me.

“With the acupuncture, I was able to not have that physical craving for cigarettes. Therefore, I finally won the battle of trying to quit smoking. It’s been 21 years that I have been cigarette free. I’m just really thankful. I have my health back. I feel so much better now. For something to actually own me like cigarettes did was really a tough thing for me. So really, it’s been many gifts.”

--Scott Wiggins, Eugene, OR


An Amazing Lesson In What True Health Really Is

“When I first started getting acupuncture, there were days when it was so painful to bend my knees that I could barely get down the three stairs in front of my house. Now I can run down whole flights of stairs, do strenuous yoga exercises involving deep knee bends, and sit cross-legged during meditation for an hour at a time without experiencing any pain at all.

“Having weekly acupuncture treatments made this dramatic healing possible in two ways. The first was the acupuncture itself which helped my knees heal and regain their strength after years of a nearly constant inflammation. The second was that having time every week to talk with Janeen and Tom about my state of health enabled us to eventually discover that the cause of my inflammation was a wheat allergy. Once the source of inflammation was removed, the acupuncture had even more dramatic healing effects.

“The initial health history forms are so thorough. Just filling them out was an amazing lesson in what true health actually is. Having lived a pretty healthy lifestyle for most of my life, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it meant to be healthy. But time and again I found myself checking off a symptom on the symptom check-list that I had had no idea was a sign of imbalance. ‘Waking up during the night to pee?!’ I would later object to Tom. ‘Doesn’t everyone?’ No, it turned out. They don’t. And neither do I, now that my kidneys and associated organs have been strengthened by acupuncture.”

–Tara Jones, Eugene, OR


Eases Pain Of arthritis Flare-Ups, Improves Overall Health

eugene_acupuncture_patient .jpeg

“I’ve worked with acupuncture for several years. I’m very aware that the medications I take, while they have been the best way to manage my rheumatoid arthritis (RA) so far, have the potential to be very toxic and harmful to other parts of my body. The medicines that work best for RA also suppress the immune system, and I strongly believe that I am able to fight off colds and other infections because of regular acupuncture sessions. Over this past year, I have had a little more trouble with some of my joints, and acupuncture has helped to ease the pain of those flare-ups too.

"I really think that acupuncture has helped to balance the impact of those side effects. So yes, I’m a big believer in acupuncture and the role it plays in managing my arthritis and improving my overall health.”

–Jennifer Mroz, Eugene, OR


Consistently Eased My Pain

eugene_acupuncture .jpeg

“Acupuncture has helped me in many areas. I first went to see Tom when I was having trouble after foot surgery. I have no more foot pain. Now, I will usually try acupuncture before any other service: for anxiety, vertigo, shoulder pain, arthritis, neck pain, and headaches. It has consistently eased my pain.

I also use an Alpha-Stim that I received through CAFA and was surprised when I was able to use one in conjunction with acupuncture treatment at Turning Point Center. I have eased my anxiety and insomnia by using the Alpha-Stim.”

–Echo Lucas, Eugene, OR


An Unbelievably Effective Treatment

"It’s an unbelievably effective treatment in that you come prior to the onset of the major allergens from the trees and grasses and you sort of build up the ability to counter them. I don’t know how. I’ve never really figured out how it works. But what’s interesting is you come for a period of time and you kind of build up and then go away for a awhile. I usually come three separate sequences of time: in the middle of February, late March to early April and then mid-May to June. That seems to be an effective way to treat my seasonal allergies and I would encourage you to do the same.”

--Dan Close, Eugene, OR


An Amazing Job

“After I was hit by a car door while riding my bike, I came to Tom because of the persistent pain from liver lacerations and crack/bruising of the ribs. It was five months after the accident and the pain would not go away. Tom was very straight with me about what he could provide, how it would help me, and where he was not sure if it would help.

"I went through three months of treatment and did not have any pain to speak of when doing day to day activities. I returned a month and a half later because a little pain had returned. Tom taught me how to use moxibustion, which again alleviated the pain (and helped in a different ailment that had bothered me for years prior). Tom and his group did an amazing job with my physical ailment. I would recommend Tom to anyone, even if there are no ailments, just because of the good feeling you have after visiting the office.”

–J. Heyl, Eugene, OR

More Energetic And Content

“I love the way I was treated at Turning Point. I was treated like my concerns mattered. Turning Point staff has been nothing but professional and courteous! My experience with the medical field has been negative. At the first accupuncture treatment I was able to sleep soundly and when I got up, I was able to move better and pain free! Each treatment was beneficial to continue with freedom of movement and pain relief. Doctors prescribe pain relievers that have an adverse effect of not being able to think clearly or work properly. Accupuncture is a form of pain relief without negative effects. I feel more energetic and content! Thank you Turning Point! “

–Sharon, Cottage Grove, OR


Warm, Caring, And Reliable

Tom takes time to listen and is present with you. He cares and is attentive. The office staff is warm, caring and reliable. Tom is one of the few acupuncturists in town who does Japanese style acupuncture. It is gentle and effective. You’ll be glad you chose Turning Point Center.”

–Kim D. Eugene, OR


Helped Me So Much

“I had suffered for over a year with chronic neck and shoulder pain. I couldn't lift my arms above my head. I had tried everything else with no results. Now I can put on my shirts without pain

"Tom and the staff at Turning Point were wonderful! Tom’s clear explanations and warm, caring approach helped me so much. Thanks for everything!”

–Rebecca Easton, Eugene, OR


Brings Healing To My Body And Mind

“Tom is an experienced practitioner who listens deeply to my health concerns and treats me with utter respect and kindness. I recently had a series of acupuncture treatments for shingles that helped immensely, and I have seen Tom over a number of years for different health issues. His gentle and compassionate spirit is very soothing, and brings healing to my body and mind. The Turning Point Center staff offer caring and knowledgeable support.”

–Judith, Eugene, OR


That Pain Has Never Come Back

"I am so pleased with the progress I have made with Tom. One of the clearest things that’s happened is that when I came to see him, neither he nor anyone else could touch my left shoulder. That was the area that had brought me to despair. It would feel like somebody had thrown hot grease on me and they kept throwing it. As people with chronic pain know, there can be times when it’s just overwhelming. The very first time I saw Tom that pain decreased. I was blown away and so pleased.

“I’ve continued to see him weekly and that pain has never come back like it used to be. If he’d done nothing else for me, that is an incredible gift. In addition, he has helped me with my whole body structure getting stronger. He works very well with the other two or three modalities I do. He’s aware of things, very professional, very skilled, very gentle. I am extremely happy that I found Tom.”

--Linda Spray, Eugene, OR


Delightful Caring!

“I have seen Tom for acupuncture for many years and value his expertise and wisdom.  He is truly a healer of body and mind. I always feel energized and relaxed after a treatment and the long term effects are lasting. I would recommend Tom and his caring staff to anyone who is interested in acupuncture in a nurturing environment. Thanks to all at Turning Point!”

–Lynne, Eugene, OR


Stress Relief!

“Thank you Tom Williams and Turning Point Center for helping me with my back pain and stress relief. Your staff is warm and friendly and I always leave with a smile! I appreciate you and look forward to my next visit! Thank you!‎”

–Brandy, Eugene, OR


Free Of Stress And Nicotine Cravings

“I first visited the Turning Point Center for smoking cessation and infertility. I’ve tried the patch and going cold turkey to quit in the past unsuccessfully. With acupuncture, it was a very smooth transition, free of stress and nicotine cravings.

During my initial visit, we discussed the fact that I had been taking Clomid (a fertility drug) for two years without success. Tom offered to include acupuncture for fertility in my overall treatment plan. One month later I was pregnant and now have a healthy child..

"In my professional work as a massage therapist I’ve heard many other success stories from clients about acupuncture. I am a firm believer in acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone seeking better health. I would recommend anyone seeking better health to check out acupuncture.”

–Caitlin Richardson, Eugene, OR


Compassionate Care

“When I first came to the Turning Point Center with injuries from an auto accident, I was experiencing chronic headaches, chest, neck and back pain, visual impairment, and dizziness and I needed assistance walking. Regularly scheduled visits for acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, and cranio-sacral therapy not only aided my recovery from the concussion and other injuries I sustained, but helped reduce the discomfort and stress I was experiencing throughout my whole body. I greatly benefited from their professional and compassionate care, and highly recommend their services.”

–Lee Erickson, Eugene, OR


It Works!

“There was a day when I couldn’t even pick up a comb. One of my clients is a neuro-surgeon and he said ‘You’re going to have issues with carpal tunnel and you might have to look at surgery.’ That wasn’t something I really wanted to do.

"My next client said, ‘Look, I’ve got a guy. I’m going to take your right now.’ I got in the car, drove over. I didn’t know anything about acupuncture. I walked in, sat down. Tom fit me in between patients, put some needles into me. Thirty minutes later, I walked out. I could go play tennis, lift weights, and I was sold right then and there.

"I went back a few days later. He explained the whole thing: The relationship of chi in the body and how it all moves. All I know is it works. I’ve highly recommended him ever since. That was about 14 years ago.”

--David Fletcher, Amadeus Salon, Eugene, OR


Acupuncture Treatments Markedly Decreased My Tinnitus

“After experiencing tinnitus for eight months, I had grown weary of its impact on the ‘quiet’ periods of my life when it was the most noticeable. Receiving acupuncture treatments markedly decreased my tinnitus, making it possible for me to relax more during the day and when falling asleep at night.”

–S.K., Eugene, OR


Thanks To Acupuncture, I Am Able To Continue My Career

“I have suffered from tendonitis in both my arms, hands, and back for twelve years. The pain was so debilitating at times that I could not do simple acts like picking up an eating utensil without dropping it. I could not hold a pen to write. As one can see, I can pick up my pen now to write about my acupuncture experience.

"Before I tried acupuncture, I tried the usual anti-inflammatory drugs. These only dulled the pain and did little, if anything, to cure the problem. The combination of stretches, strengthening of the muscles, and massage that I learned from physical therapy started my healing process, but it was not until I combined these with acupuncture that I really reaped the benefits.

"I am a professional classical saxophonist. Thanks to acupuncture, I am able to continue my career. I sincerely believe that without acupuncture, my career would be over at age thirty and that I would be jobless, wandering, and looking for a new career.”

–Christopher Walker, Eugene, OR


Pain Free

“I developed bursitis in both my shoulders from overuse due to swimming. I went to a Sports Medicine person for treatment. He used ultrasound, massage, and ice. Neither of my shoulders responded. I then went to Tom Williams for treatment. Tom said he had good luck with shoulders and he thought he could help me.

"I had the first treatment and enjoyed the whole experience. When I went home my shoulders ached more that night than ever before. This was not a good sign, I thought. The next morning I woke up and the pain was gone. I now swim four days a week, pain free, and the bursitis has never returned.”

–Greg Zwettler, Eugene, OR


Able To Sleep Through The Night For The First Time In Months

“I am on my third acupuncture treatment and have already seen a great deal of pain relief. My left upper arm nerve was injured by a [hypodermic injection] and I had been going to a physical therapist for months with no relief.

"Tom Williams was recommended to me by a coworker who had gotten total relief for his shoulder problem. I am so glad that I went because the first visit I received relief and was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months.

"I highly recommend acupuncture to all my family and friends and have complete confidence that I will be pain free and back to normal soon.”

–M. Goddard, Eugene, OR


personable, through, and clear

“I first saw Tom Williams because I had shingles and someone suggested acupuncture as a possible remedy. The only other approach seemed to be medication for pain. Tom was personable, thorough, and clear in explaining a plan for treatment. My shingles discomfort disappeared in three treatments. I also experienced relief for an episode of gout. The staff at Tom’s office is welcoming and caring. The office setting is calm and peaceful, which enhances the treatment.”

–Gretchen Merten, retired, Eugene, OR


Huge Improvements In My Condition

“Starting at age 20, my joints became inflamed and very painful. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory medicines subdued the symptoms for a while, but by age 27, I could barely walk, hold a toothbrush, or drive my car. After seeing a rheumatologist, I was put on several serious prescription drugs (methotrexate, Celebrex, and prednisone, to name a few).

"I took these prescription drugs for about three years. They did take down some of the inflammation, but they also caused severe exhaustion, bowel problems, irritability, and skin rashes. I began to get really sick. Four months of flu-like symptoms convinced me that the choices I had made in regards to my health were not successful. At this point, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

"I changed my diet, began using essential oils, and gradually eliminated the drugs from my routine. The rashes continued to get worse. I left my job and began searching for alternatives. For three years, I looked for ways to lessen the irritation, redness, and itching caused by the rash, as well as something to break down the calcification in my wrists left by the rheumatoid arthritis. I have tried all types of creams, oils, and bio-frequency machines, as well as numerous diet changes and other types of healing therapies.

"For months now, I have been receiving regular acupuncture treatment from Tom Williams L.Ac. and I have been using an exclusively certified organic skin care line, which together have made huge improvements in my condition. I am still a very health-conscious eater, use essential oils, and try other healing modalities, but I believe acupuncture has been key to the healthy life I am meant to live.

–Holli Smith, Eugene, OR


Alternative To Conventional Medicine

“Tom Williams’s acupuncture treatment has eliminated most of my chronic neck and back pain and has aided me in managing a respiratory problem. This alternative to conventional medicine eliminates the need for the prescribed and over the counter drugs. I sincerely urge anyone to consult with Tom Williams for any ailments to determine if acupuncture can help your condition. It’s been great for me.”

–V. J., Eugene, OR


The Most Long-Term Relief With Acupuncture Treatment

“As a child I had polio as well as other physical trauma. Entering the second half century of my life, aches and pains have increasingly become an everyday occurrence. About six years ago I decided to do something about the pain. Since then I have tried acupuncture along with physical therapy and chiropractic therapy.

"No one therapy has been a ‘cure all.’ However, I have received the most long-term relief from acupuncture treatment. Both mobility and the quantity of pain experienced have greatly improved. I now believe it is possible to have the active life I want and not have pain dominate my daily thoughts.”

–Val Monshke, Eugene, OR


My Neck Is Great!

“I am fifty years old and am in very good health. Unfortunately, every spring for the last four years my neck has turned into knots. Each time I have had physical therapy for two to three months with the appointments one to two times per week, exercises, etc. Although I am not a believer in alternative medicines, I had two acupuncture treatments at the suggestion of a friend. My neck is great! That was two months ago. I’m a believer now.”

–P.T., Eugene, OR


Very Nice Side Effect

“I am an RN who [Tom] treated with that ‘neck thing’ he does. My symptoms were intermittently numb/achy arms, inability to fully turn my neck, and an inability to lift anything heavy, especially with my right arm. After one treatment, my symptoms were 85% better and 100% better after the second treatment. I was able to turn my head completely in either direction, something I hadn’t been able to do in years. A very nice side effect was an overall sense of calmness that descended upon me and lasted nearly two weeks. I have a very stressful job and nothing seemed to bother me for a while. Very nice side effect.”

–Candy Whitney, RN, Eugene, OR



“The summer of 1997 the heater stopped working in my water bed. Since it was a very hot moment for Oregon I thought I might sleep in ‘cool’ comfort. Wrong! I woke up with a stiff neck unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I was in such pain that the thought of anyone moving my neck sent chills through me. Stiffly, not moving my head, I called Tom Williams. I drove straight down to his office, with emphasis on straight as there was no way I could turn my head.

"I remember Tom put a needle in the web of hand between my thumb and my first finger and said quietly, ‘Try turning your head.’ And I did! Amazing. He rotated the needle slightly and I was able to turn my head from side to side. Wow! He then warmed my neck with a moxa treatment and suggested I get a new heater for the water bed. I was convinced. And have been coming to Tom ever since for a variety of ailments, including carpal tunnel syndrome due to my work as an artist.”

–Cathy Coulson, Veneta, OR


I Look Forward To Going

“I originally came to see Tom for some neck and back pain. After one session, I was amazed at how much relief I was able to get. I continue to see Tom on a fairly regular because I just love the feeling of calm and relaxation that I get when I am on the table. I look forward to going because I know it will be one hour that I can just be completely relaxed and free of any anxiety. I would recommend Tom Williams to anyone with chronic pain or anxiety.”

–A. R., Eugene, OR


Helped My Body Balance

“One of the symptoms of my menopausal journey was erratic bleeding. The condition had two forms. One was flooding which was so intense it was hard to leave home. Secondly, at times the bleeding was lighter but would not stop for over a month. After having a biopsy, trying herbs, and spending a great deal of money, I tried acupuncture. It took about three treatments to help my body balance. Since then, I notice the early signs of menstrual irregularity and go in for treatment. Acupuncture has allowed me to experience this time of change with a bit of grace.”

–Maggie Donahue, LMT, Eugene, OR


Very Gentle

“I began a series of visits for acupuncture with Tom Williams because of pain from an injury to my knees. The pain control was so effective that I was able to postpone surgery until I felt stronger. After surgery I found the acupuncture very helpful to control pain and stimulate healing. Tom is very gentle and has an excellent healing attitude. He doesn’t lecture but explains what you want to know about the healing process.”

–Maureen Hudson, Eugene, OR


One Of The Main Reasons We Are Pregnant

“I came to the Turning Point Center because my partner and I were told that due to age and my high FSH levels, we had very little chance of conceiving a child. As part of our efforts to increase our fertility I received several months of regular acupuncture treatments from Tom to help improve my overall ovarian function.

"Not only did the needles not hurt, I found each session to be completely relaxing during what was a fairly stressful time. I believe that my work with the Turning Point Center and fertility doctor finally created the right environment for becoming pregnant and we are grateful to be expecting a little girl in 6 weeks. I personally believe that acupuncture was a tremendous help and one of the main reasons we are pregnant.”

–Kelly Darnell, Eugene, OR


I Love My Sessions

“I had always wanted to try acupuncture for my chronic neck/back/hip pain developed over the years from several rear-end collisions, providing care to my disabled daughter, and lifting her very heavy wheelchair.

"Over the years I have been treated by physical therapists, chiropractors, and back pain specialists and been prescribed muscle relaxants and/or prescription drugs for pain. Ben Gay and his cousins have a special place in my bathroom too. All of those things have helped for a while but acupuncture has reduced my symptoms better than any other treatments. Plus I sleep better and don’t require prescription sleeping aids anymore–what a great ‘two-for-one’ deal!

"I love my sessions; they are so calming. I always fall asleep and leave the center feeling like a ‘noodle,’ relaxed and pain free.

"Now I can take longer and faster walks with my dog because my hip doesn’t hurt. I still can’t bend over too much for vacuuming but, hey, my husband almost has that one down!

"Acupuncture is an amazing natural art for healing and I am blessed to have Tom and Janeen share their gifts in tuning up this always grateful ol’ body of mine!”

–J. M., Domestic Engineer, Eugene, OR


Never Miss A Chance To Recommend Acupuncture

“Standing on the summit cornice of 14,162 ft Mt. Shasta in northern California, I could not believe that less than two months earlier I could not muster the strength to pull myself out of bed. Cutting icy turns down the north side to our high camp, and idea of pain was history, for it could have meant disaster.

"Upon returning home I made a point of seeing my regular doctor to share my thoughts about the benefits of acupuncture. Following an injury which left me in great pain, of the hip and lower back variety, he had recommended a regime of pain killers and killer physical therapy. Not that physical therapy doesn’t have its place, it just wasn’t working for me. I always felt worse after my visits.

"Upon a friend’s recommendation, I paid a visit to Tom Williams, a local acupuncturist. My revelation came when he pressed the ground zero pain in my hip, found a corresponding source in my leg, placed a very fine needle in my leg, returned to ground zero with a firm press and wow, what happened? A mere trickle of sensation.

"After three hour-long sessions, I was back on my feet, and less than a week later packing a full load up the side of a mountain. Knowing that I may be pushing it a bit, I told myself that I would turn around any time. It didn’t happen. I’ve felt great since and never miss a chance to recommend acupuncture to friends and relatives.”

–Mike Stickling, Eugene, OR


The Most Significant Improvement In My Health I’ve Ever Experienced

“As far as anyone can remember, my migraines started in the first grade. They were a consistent presence through my adolescence and became especially debilitating when I began at the University and took on all the stress, transition, and poor health habits that came with it. Throughout the years I saw several doctors and neurologists. I was prescribed four different prescription migraine medications, one of which actually worked for a while but then gave way to far worse breakthrough migraines. One pill was a daily preventative medication, which failed to cause any difference in my migraine frequency or severity but heavily impaired my mental function, furthering my compromised experience.

"I had several migraines a week, almost all of them lasted the entire day and caused me a great amount of pain and nausea. The various doctors I saw had no new information for me and continued to pressure me to take various medications. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I was feeling quite helpless and fearing a lifetime of suffering.

"One spring day I walked by Turning Point Center and impulsively walked into the office pleading what I thought was a desperate case. Best decision I ever made for myself. I love walking into a welcoming, friendly environment (quite a contrast to the indifferent receptionists I’d grown accustomed to), and Tom and Laura have confidently tackled my migraines.

"This is a whole new life experience. My migraine frequency and severity have dropped dramatically, beginning very soon after my first few visits. The treatments, the herbs, and the suggested supplements provided me with the most significant improvement in my health I’ve ever experienced. Even my allergies are almost a thing of the past. I have also always been a sickly person in general, but with the work we’ve been doing my one illness since starting treatments was short lived.

"As my body progresses with treatment and I become more in tune with it, I am finally able to recognize and address other aspects of my health, all with success so far. I have a much more optimistic and empowered outlook on life now because I know that not only are my current symptoms being treated, I am also receiving preventative treatment to permanently improve my bodily functioning. I have learned so much about my body and how to live a healthier life. Not only is my body feeling better but mental and emotional processes are improving as well. I almost gave in to the pain and compromised life experience, but it simply is not necessary!

"I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture and the amazing staff at Turning Point Center. I honestly got a little teary eyed writing this. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart.”

–Navit, Eugene, OR