how Acupuncture works for addiction

Acupuncture may assist in the reduction of addictive behaviors by detoxifying the lungs, liver and kidneys. In addition, acupuncture raises the level of endorphins released, providing some relief from the cravings associated with addiction.

Case Studies

Controlled trial of acupuncture for severe recidivist alcoholism.

Acupuncture in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms: a randomized, placebo-controlled inpatient study.

The Use of Acupuncture in Drug Addiction Treatment (An overview of studies prior to 1995).

Auricular acupuncture, education, and smoking cessation: a randomized, sham-controlled trial.

Effect of acupuncture on smoking cessation or reduction: an 8-month and 5-year follow-up study.

Effect of acupuncture on smoking cessation or reduction for motivated smokers.