breathe easier with Drug-free allergy relief

I Can Breathe In The Month Of May

"Last weekend, I worked all weekend outdoors on my farm with not a hint of reaction to the Scotch Broom. In a word, it works. For the first time in twenty years, I can breathe in the month of May."

"I can’t tell people who haven’t experienced it, what is like to be free of the allergy symptoms. It opens up your life. You have energy. You can continue on with your life instead of hiding indoors trying to avoid the symptoms or just being miserable from the symptoms.”

-Dick Pershern, Eugene, OR

highly recommend

“With my allergies, I couldn’t bike ride. I had trouble being outside. I also found that it really helped me because I was waking up at night and unable to go back to sleep. [Acupuncture] really helped me with that. Now I can sleep through the night. I have no problem with that. I am able to bike ride, do yard work.

“I love Turning Point and I highly recommend it to anybody and I often recommend it to my friends.”

-Lynn Reiling, Eugene, OR


Unbelievably Effective Treatment

“It’s an unbelievably effective treatment in that you come prior to the onset of the major allergens from the trees and grasses and you sort of build up the ability to counter them.”

-Dan Close, Eugene, OR


Mother And Daughter Duo On Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergies

“Hi, my name’s Alayne Clarke. This is my daughter Heather.We came to the Turning Point Center because a friend. . . recommended Tom when I told her that both of us suffered from pretty bad allergies. I didn’t suffer from allergies until I moved to Eugene, which was about 14 years ago. Heather really has a hard time with allergies. My friend Kathy mentioned that they have this wonderful treatment with acupuncture that will help your symptoms. And we thought, well, we’ll give it a shot. I wasn’t sure how Heather would react to that, but she said she would be willing to give it a shot. We came here and met with Tom and he asked if we had any questions.  Do you remember what you asked him at that first meeting?”

Heather: “What happens if you roll over?”

Alayne: “Yes.” (laughing) “If it had ever happened that anyone had ever rolled over onto their needles. And he said, no, he didn’t think so. That was last year and it helped us quite a bit. It relieved a lot of our symptoms. I know a lot of people think acupuncture is needles and painful, but it’s not at all. We were really happy to see that it’s very relaxing. When we come out of a treatment, we are both so, ah, that was so relaxing. It’s almost like a nice little respite to look forward to when we know we have an appointment. It’s been very helpful for us, and Tom and Janeen have both been really wonderful.

(To Heather): “Anything? Has it been helping you?”
Heather: “Yes.”
Alayne: “And you like coming to acupuncture?”
Heather: “Yes.”
Alayne: “And you would recommend it to people?”
Heather: “Sure.”

-Alayne and Heather Clarke, Eugene, OR


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