how acupuncture works for Auto Accident injuries

Acupuncture is useful in treating injuries related to auto accidents. Effects of treatment include an increase in endorphins, which will reduce pain and boost mood, and regulation of blood circulation to injured tissues, which will improve range of motion and healing.

Whiplash is of course the most common injury following an auto accident. In this video, Tom uses an ETPS device, which delivers microcurrent to acupuncture points, to treat neck pain. After stimulating points on the neck and hand, the patient experiences quick and noticeable improvement in range of motion.


Patient reviews

“I came to Tom Williams about a year ago after being hit from behind in my car. I had neck and lower back pain that wouldn’t go away. A year later I am free of back and neck pain except when I do something that strains them in a way it would probably strain anyone. I think T.W. did the trick.

"I also want to say how professional and friendly the staff at Turning Point is and what a pleasant and convenient location they have. Great people, great place, professional all the way around, and good results.”

S.P.R., Eugene, OR


“After I was hit by a car door while riding my bike, I came to Tom because of the persistent pain from liver lacerations and crack/bruising of the ribs. It was five months after the accident and the pain would not go away. Tom was very straight with me about what he could provide, how it would help me, and where he was not sure if it would help.

"I went through three months of treatment and did not have any pain to speak of when doing day-to day-activities. I returned a month and a half later because a little pain had returned. Tom taught me how to use moxibustion, which again alleviated the pain (and helped in a different ailment that had bothered me for years prior). Tom and his group did an amazing job with my physical ailment. I would recommend Tom to anyone, even if there are no ailments, just because of the good feeling you have after visiting the office.”

–J. Heyl, Eugene, OR


“When I first came to the Turning Point Center with injuries from an auto accident, I was experiencing chronic headaches, chest, neck and back pain, visual impairment, and dizziness and I needed assistance walking. Regularly scheduled visits for acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, and cranio-sacral therapy not only aided my recovery from the concussion and other injuries I sustained, but helped reduce the discomfort and stress I was experiencing throughout my whole body. I greatly benefited from their professional and compassionate care, and highly recommend their services.”

–Lee Erickson, Eugene, OR


“I came to the Turning Point Center because of injuries I sustained in a car accident. Since the accident, every activity I participated in caused more pain. I even had trouble with my basic daily routines without getting a flare-up in my TMJ and neck pain. I have been to massage therapists and chiropractors and tried diligently to get rid of pain for nearly a year before finally being referred to Tom Williams for acupuncture. After my first treatment I was able to see some improvements, and with time, I have slowly progressed to actually having times without pain. Now, I have reduced my pain and continue to see improvements after each acupuncture visit. Thank You Turning Point Center!”

-Holly Gardner, UO Student, Eugene, OR