how acupuncture works for Back Pain

Back pain can be effectively treated with acupuncture. Through the use of acupuncture, chemicals are released into the spinal cord and muscles that help to diminish chronic pain and reduce swelling. Brain chemistry can also be changed with acupuncture, diminishing pain signals and promoting blood circulation. 

Video testimony

feeling good

"Hello, my name is Rod Barrett. I'm 62 years old next month. I'm here to give you a little bit of background into myself and why I chose acupuncture. 

"I'm retired from the sand and gravel business. I worked for a local contractor and others for over 40 years doing manual labor and heavy equipment operating. It got to the point I had so much low back pain when I got off of my machine at night I couldn't walk straight over to my pick-up. I had to walk hunched over. I couldn't get out of bed without help in the morning because my back hurt so bad. 

"Before I retired, I sought help and I went to physical therapy and I got some help, but not enough. It was temporary. I asked people about acupuncture. I had a friend who just happened to be an acupuncture student. We got on the computer and found a website--actually three in the Eugene area. The number one draw for me was these people helped with low back pain. I said those are the people for me. 

"I came and after my first treatment I could walk out the door without being hunched over. When I came in I could hardly pick my feet up to walk up the steps. So I went out and said well that's really pretty cool. 

"Since then I've been a regular customer here. I've had success with more than just my back. I've had both my shoulders surgically repaired about 15 years ago. Those are starting to give me a lot of trouble. I asked Tom about it and he said, 'Sure, we could help you with your shoulders.'

"I've become an avid golfer. Because I am able to use my whole body, I am playing better golf than I ever have in my life. I just finished going on a six-mile hike this morning before I came here and, like I said, it used to be I couldn't walk across the parking lot to get to my car after work without bending over. 

"It's been great for me. I recommend it to all my family and friends. I've had several people that I have converted to being acupuncture patients. One of them--my friend John--I think he's done a testimonial. He was a carpenter all his life. He got to where, we were playing golf, and he couldn't bend over to get his ball out of the hole. And I said, 'John, you need to see some people I know.' He came here and after his first appointment he said it was a miracle. It's really changed his life and my life and a lot of my friends' lives.

"I brought in a CD of an MRI I had on my neck that showed the injury and what had been done. I asked Tom if he could help me with that and he did. I had such pain that I was immobile for quite a little while. I came to Tom and it was taken care of in about three appointments. So now, I'm good.

"My wife and I walk every day in the logging roads up by our house. We would go up about a mile and a half up the hill and then walk back to our house. By the time I got back, I was in so much pain, I had to just sit down on the chair and I couldn't move for a couple hours. Now I can go, there's no limit. I can go six miles, eight miles, whatever we want to do. When I come back, I'm sweating, but I'm feeling good."


patient reviews

“Tom Williams’s acupuncture treatment has eliminated most of my chronic neck and back pain and has aided me in managing a respiratory problem. This alternative to conventional medicine eliminates the need for the prescribed and over the counter drugs. I sincerely urge anyone to consult with Tom Williams for any ailments to determine if acupuncture can help your condition. It’s been great for me.

-V. J., Eugene, OR


“Thank you Tom Williams and Turning Point Center for helping me with my back pain and stress relief. Your staff is warm and friendly and I always leave with a smile! I appreciate you and look forward to my next visit! Thank you!‎”

–Brandy, Eugene, OR


“I originally came to see Tom for some neck and back pain. After one session, I was amazed at how much relief I was able to get. I continue to see Tom on a fairly regular because I just love the feeling of calm and relaxation that I get when I am on the table. I look forward to going because I know it will be one hour that I can just be completely relaxed and free of any anxiety. I would recommend Tom Williams to anyone with chronic pain or anxiety.”

–A.R., Eugene, OR


“I had always wanted to try acupuncture for my chronic neck/back/hip pain developed over the years from several rear-end collisions, providing care to my disabled daughter, and lifting her very heavy wheelchair.

Over the years I have been treated by physical therapists, chiropractors, and back pain specialists and been prescribed muscle relaxants and/or prescription drugs for pain. Ben Gay and his cousins have a special place in my bathroom too. All of those things have helped for a while but acupuncture has reduced my symptoms better than any other treatments. Plus I sleep better and don’t require prescription sleeping aids anymore–what a great ‘two-for-one’ deal!

I love my sessions; they are so calming. I always fall asleep and leave the center feeling like a ‘noodle,’ relaxed and pain free.

Now I can take longer and faster walks with my dog because my hip doesn’t hurt. I still can’t bend over too much for vacuuming but, hey, my husband almost has that one down!

Acupuncture is an amazing natural art for healing and I am blessed to have Tom and Janeen share their gifts in tuning up this always grateful ol’ body of mine!”

–J. M., Eugene, OR


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