Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture

Continuing education for acupuncturists

A rare opportunity to get systematic training in Kiiko Matsumoto's palpation diagnosis and treatment strategies. Enrollment is limited to provide optimal learning. These may be attended as stand alone seminars, or as essential foundation classes in the 150-hour Certificate Course in Matsumoto/Nagano Style Acupuncture. 90% refunds until two weeks prior to each class.

October 20-21, 2018

75 NW Couch St. Portland, OR

8:30 - 5 Both days

Kiiko Matsumoto: reducing pain & inflammation with diode rings and “live point” acupuncture

One-Day attendance only now available

Saturday, October 20: Only $199.

Sunday, October 21: Only $199


Based on 40 years of intensive scholarly and clinical investigation, Kiiko’s seminars are a tour de force that will change how you understand and practice acupuncture.

Kiiko will teach a simple palpation technique to find “Live points”: precise locations that produce profound and immediate symptom change.

This palpation technique allows us to assess the utility of various points before they are needled, And determine the most effective location, angle and depth of each point.

We don’t need to wait a week to see if our treatment is effective: The patient’s response is immediately seen and felt. This provides confidence — to the practitioner and patient — that the treatment is working.

Kiiko sensei’s October 20-21 class feature highly effective treatments for sensitive and older patients, especially those with pain and inflammation.

As our population ages — and as more patients with severe trauma histories seek our care — it is essential to find skills and techniques which match the needs of this growing set of patients. she will also demonstrate non-insertive techniques, including new applications of Master Kawai’s diode rings.

Combining her deep understanding of Chinese canonical literature, emergent insights from Western medicine, Kiiko will pass on her clinical pearls for the treatment of:

arthritis, including tmj

neuropathy & tendinopathy

blood sugar problems

bone & disc pathologies

Lymphadema & varicose veins*

Plus: New scalp points for treatment of persistent pain, insulin resistance, & diabetes; . And -- of course -- much more from Acupuncture's Hurricane of Qi!


Learn new applications for Master Kawai’s Diode Rings. These work magic — especially on scar tissue and inflammed joints.

"Kiiko reminds us that creativity, curiosity, playfulness are the natural antidotes to healer's burnout ~ and essential ingredients for remarkable outcomes!" Don’t miss this opportunity to study with a true master of acupuncture, at the height of her prodigious abilities.

Monday October 22, 2018

9AM - 1 PM

“Implementation Intensive” with Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac.

Review and consolidate new information presented in Kiiko’s class while it is fresh in your mind. Learn clinical shortcuts and put Kiiko’s amazing treatment strategies towork with every patient with one-on-one coaching from this generous, knowledgeable teacher. 4 additional PDAs. Enrollment strictly limited to 14. 9AM - 1PM. Only $199.

Reviews from last year’s Implementation Intensive:

I signed up for Monika's intensive the following Monday because I knew she would answer many questions and fill in the blanks that I knew I'd have after trying to follow Kiiko's presentation style. I was able to "put my pen down" and just listen during Kiiko's works because I knew I'd pick-up the pieces from Monika during the intensive. Which she did.

Brian Baker, LAc

Learning from Kiiko is often like learning from a firehose with ADHD. She drops these powerful and magical ideas and I often find myself lost in the beauty of the theory and miss how she applies it on a patient. Being able to ask Monika specific questions about how exactly do you do that? Why did she use these points with this pattern and those ones with a similar (but apparently different) pattern. I absolutely loved the intensive and hope that this is offered again.

Shawn Weeks, L.Ac.

  From last year’s Implementation intensive: Monika demonstrates the application of O’Kyu moxa and other treatment techniques from Kiiko’s class.

From last year’s Implementation intensive: Monika demonstrates the application of O’Kyu moxa and other treatment techniques from Kiiko’s class.

Introduction to Kiiko Matsumoto's Hara Diagnosis

January 26-27, 2019

8:30 to 5 Saturday 8:30 to 3:30 Sunday

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, 75 NW Couch St. Portland, Oregon

Presenter: Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac., Kiiko Matsumoto's co-author and protege.

Get a clear overview of Kiiko Style Acupuncture in one weekend... and enough personalized coaching to put her amazing diagnostic and treatment strategies to work on Monday morning. Join Kiiko's teaching assistant and co-author, Monika Kobylecka, and a small group of colleagues in this small hands on class. 

This class will cover the theory and practice of Kiiko Matsumoto’s palpation-based treatment approach and emphasize the special importance of the Kidneys and Tan Tian. You will learn to select the most effective Kidney channel points for neurological conditions.

This may be attended as stand alone seminar, or as the essential foundation class in the 150-hour Certificate Course in Matsumoto/Nagano Style Acupuncture.

Register now and receive early bird discount: Only $349!

90% refunds until two weeks prior to class. 100% refunds for registrations received after class is full.

14 NCCAOM PDAs Approved


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