how acupuncture works for Headaches

Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, tension and other health problems and injuries. Acupuncture has been shown to decrease stress, boost the release of pain-reducing endorphins and improve circulation, all helping to reduce headache pain and frequency.

In this video, Tom begins by applying an intradermal needle that exerts slight but continuous pressure on an acupuncture point between treatments. He then demonstrates a Japanese acupuncture technique in which a needle is inserted briefly and shallowly in seven points at the base of the skull to regulate blood flow to the head region.

video testimony


"Hi, my name is Ann Brennan and I came to Turning Point Center a couple months ago. I was actually suffering with severe headaches. At the time, it was affecting not only my home life and my work, but also I wasn't sleeping and there were all the problems that stem from that. I had visited my physician and actually made a trip to Urgent Care at one point because I was suffering. 

"My sister suggested that she knew a fellow who did acupuncture who was just wonderful. She actually felt better just sitting next to him she said. He made her feel very comfortable. She said, 'I think you should try it.'

"I called and made an appointment and it was wonderful. They got me in right away. Even after the first treatment, I could tell that some of the pressure was alleviating. Even after the first week, I started sleeping. The improvement in my condition just seemed to snowball to where I just kept feeling better and better and more like myself after just a few weeks. Incredible. I can't say enough about the ongoing treatment for some of the other issues that have improved since I have gotten rid of the headaches. 

"I am very appreciative for how comfortable they make you feel, even speaking to them on the phone and coming into the office. As a person who had never done acupuncture before: The setting, the staff, Dr. Tom just make you feel so at ease. It's very natural and very relaxing. I look forward to my appointments. It's just wonderful."


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