how acupuncture works for Knee Pain

Acupuncture can reduce swelling, relieve pain, and increase range of motion in the knee by improving the flow of blood and energy to the joint.

In this video, Tom quickly identifies the tender point on the knee (when the patient says “Ow!”) and then determines the most effective treatment points for her specific constellation of symptoms by using palpation, the key to Japanese acupuncture technique. “That’s amazing,” she says at 4:54.

In this patient’s case, knee and ankle injuries and scarring due to surgeries caused blockage along the spleen channel, which may have also contributed to the development of irritable bowel syndrome. As a result of a thorough understanding of this patient’s condition, Tom devises a specific treatment that considers her constitution and history.



made a big difference

"My name is Jo Holzbauer and I have come to Turning Point for several years now for acupuncture. The main reason I came is because I had a very serious fall and I had surgery on both of my knees. I had torn meniscuses in both of them and I have lots of arthritis in them. I just was looking for whatever was out there that could help me feel better and to hopefully heal quicker.

"Somebody told me I should try acupuncture. I asked a few people and lots of people recommended the Turning Point and specifically Tom.

"I've been coming at least once a week. Initially, I was coming twice a week. It's made a big difference in my healing. I'm sure it's made it quicker. I just love coming here. It's a loving thing to do for yourself. That's why I came."


patient reviews

“When I first started getting acupuncture, there were days when it was so painful to bend my knees that I could barely get down the three stairs in front of my house. Now I can run down whole flights of stairs, do strenuous yoga exercises involving deep knee bends, and sit cross-legged during meditation for an hour at a time without experiencing any pain at all.

“Having weekly acupuncture treatments made this dramatic healing possible in two ways. The first was the acupuncture itself which helped my knees heal and regain their strength after years of a nearly constant inflammation. The second was that having time every week to talk with Janeen and Tom about my state of health enabled us to eventually discover that the cause of my inflammation was a wheat allergy. Once the source of inflammation was removed, the acupuncture had even more dramatic healing effects.

“The initial health history forms are so thorough. Just filling them out was an amazing lesson in what true health actually is. Having lived a pretty healthy lifestyle for most of my life, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it meant to be healthy. But time and again I found myself checking off a symptom on the list that I had had no idea was a sign of imbalance. ‘Waking up during the night to pee?!’ I would later object to Tom. ‘Doesn’t everyone?’ No, it turned out. They don’t. And neither do I, now that my kidneys and associated organs have been strengthened by acupuncture.

“From the beginning, I have been very sensitive to the needles. Whatever the reason for the sensitivity, the discomfort was certainly never going to stop me from having acupuncture treatments for I knew that it meant that the needles had been put in just the right spots. Besides it never lasted long.”

–Tara Jones, Eugene, OR (before she was an employee!)


“I began a series of visits for acupuncture with Tom Williams because of pain from an injury to my knees. The pain control was so effective that I was able to postpone surgery until I felt stronger. After surgery I found the acupuncture very helpful to control pain and stimulate healing. Tom is very gentle and has an excellent healing attitude. He doesn’t lecture but explains what you want to know about the healing process.”

–Maureen Hudson, Eugene, OR


scientific stUDIES

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