Treatment of Pain and Structural Imbalances with Monika Kobylecka 

September 12-13, 2015

8:30-5:00 (Sat) & 8:30-3:30 (Sun)



What are structural imbalances?

“Structural imbalances” relate to postural asymmetries or irregularities that compromise normal movement, organ function, and Qi flow. Scoliosis is a common example. Other structural imbalances of the spine include kyphosis and lordosis.

Why are they important for acupuncturists to know about?

Many times these imbalances are the “elephant in the living room.” That is, they are so obvious, and so disruptive, yet tend to be overlooked. Cranial-sacral therapists, Rolfers, chiropractors, osteopaths and Feldenkrais practitioners are trained to recognize and treat postural asymmetries, but acupuncturists almost never do. Many of Kiiko’s most brilliant and original treatments address postural and structural imbalances—and the myriad pain patterns that accompany them—with just one or a few needles.

How is this information applied clinically?

Kiiko’s Clinical Strategies books describe treatments for “fulcrum imbalances” of the foot and ankle, visceroptosis (visceral fat causing back and shoulder pain), sphenoid bone imbalances (sleep apnea, headaches, TMJ pain, etc.) and many other pain problems rooted in abnormal stress patterns impacting the body’s bones and connective tissue.

Importantly, Kiiko’s approach to these problems are not a static set treatment protocols, but a way of observing and thinking about the body’s structure and how it relates to the acupuncture pathways. That’s why she isconstantly testing and teaching new ways to address structural patterns, such as the “Otogai” or chin point


Yes. Two weekend seminars with Monika in PDX. (8 seats left!) 

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