“I was completely blown away and grateful with how readily Monika was able to convey (Kiiko’s) techniques in a way that allowed for comprehension and application simultaneously... The combination of her passionate approach, knowledge, and patience is a gift that will transform your practice”. 

Patricia Heraghty, L.Ac. New Fairfield, CT

I love Monika's classes.  She is able to organize the approach in Kiiko Matsumoto acupuncture and make it systematic and accessible.  She revisits the technical aspects and drills us in the important details, all the while being helpful and positive.  She is a delight as a teacher but also very effective

Helen Henry MD


“My initial exposure to Kiiko was incredible and overwhelming at the same time. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to study with Monika for this reason. Monika is meticulously organized and prepared for her presentations. She has a down-to-earth, step-by-step approach that describes how to understand the theory and practice of this incredible style of acupuncture. Truly a life changing experience.

Rob Mills, L.Ac. Bend, OR


I say to anyone curious about Kiiko style: “Monika makes it easy and will save you years of time”. She is fun to be with and a great teacher! Come and see for yourself.

Stephen K. Procunier, L.Ac. Coos Bay, Oregon