how acupuncture works for Post-Polio Pain

Those who suffer from post-polio pain may find relief with the use of acupuncture. By increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to the affected areas, acupuncture encourages both healing and a reduction in pain and swelling.

patient review

“As a child I had polio as well as other physical trauma. Entering the second half century of my life, aches and pains have increasingly become an everyday occurrence. About six years ago I decided to do something about the pain. Since then I have tried acupuncture along with physical therapy and chiropractic therapy.

No one therapy has been a ‘cure all.’ However, I have received the most long-term relief from acupuncture treatment. Both mobility and the quantity of pain experienced have greatly improved. I now believe it is possible to have the active life I want and not have pain dominate my daily thoughts.”

-Val Monshke, Eugene, OR