how acupuncture works for Shingles

Acupuncture can be an effective component in treating shingles. In addition to its pain-relieving benefits, acupuncture can also stimulate the immune system, helping your body to fight the virus that causes shingles. It may also reduce painful swelling.

Patient reviews

“Tom is an experienced practitioner who listens deeply to my health concerns and treats me with utter respect and kindness. I recently had a series of acupuncture treatments for shingles that helped immensely, and I have seen Tom over a number of years for different health issues. His gentle and compassionate spirit is very soothing, and brings healing to my body and mind. The Turning Point Center staff offer caring and knowledgeable support.”

-Judith, Eugene, OR


I first saw Tom Williams because I had shingles and someone suggested acupuncture as a possible remedy. The only other approach seemed to be medication for pain. Tom was personable, thorough, and clear in explaining a plan for treatment. My shingles discomfort disappeared in three treatments. I also got quick relief for an episode of gout.

"The staff at Tom’s office is welcoming and caring. The office setting is calm and peaceful, which enhances the treatment.”

-Gretchen Merten, Eugene, OR