how acupuncture works for Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain can often be treated with the assistance of acupuncture. By increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to the shoulder muscles and joints, acupuncture encourages both healing and a reduction in pain and swelling.

In this video, shooting pain between the shoulder blades limited the patient's range of motion in the neck. Tom uses points on the hand and ankle to treat the blocked area. In the second video (available on our YouTube channel), Tom uses microcurrent to magnify the effect.



Video testimony


Hi, my name is Kate Iles. I originally came to Tom about five years ago. I had been doing a project at school and I wrenched my back out really bad during spring break. I had eight sessions of acupuncture. I couldn't believe it. My back was as good as new.

"This time I had broken my collar bone two years ago. I had such pain in my rotator cuffs for a long time and this year it was really, really bad. I couldn't reach up. I couldn't put my seat belt on. I couldn't even turn myself over in bed. It was really painful.

"I came in and Tom did the regular acupuncture, but he also used something new that I call the zapper. I guess it's called an e-stim. It hurts just a little bit but it's only when he hits those painful spots and it's just for a second and then the pain is gone. This time it took four sessions. I am pain free now. I am back to my yoga, my zumba lessons, and my gardening. Thanks Tom. It really works."



“I am on my third acupuncture treatment and have already seen a great deal of pain relief. My left upper arm nerve was injured by a [hypodermic injection] and I had been going to a physical therapist for months with no relief.

"Tom Williams was recommended to me by a coworker who had gotten total relief for his shoulder problem. I am so glad that I went because the first visit I received relief and was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months.

"I highly recommend acupuncture to all my family and friends and have complete confidence that I will be pain free and back to normal soon.”

-M. Goddard, Eugene, OR


“I developed bursitis in both my shoulders from overuse due to swimming. I went to a Sports Medicine person for treatment. He used ultrasound, massage, and ice. Neither of my shoulders responded. I then went to Tom Williams for treatment. Tom said he had good luck with shoulders and he thought he could help me.

"I had the first treatment and enjoyed the whole experience. When I went home my shoulders ached more that night than ever before. This was not a good sign, I thought. The next morning I woke up and the pain was gone. I now swim four days a week, pain free, and the bursitis has never returned. Thank you.”

–Greg Zwettler, Eugene, OR


“I had suffered for over a year with chronic neck and shoulder pain. I couldn't lift my arms above my head and I had tried everything else with no results. Now I can put on my shirts without pain. 

"Tom and the staff at Turning Point were wonderful! Tom’s clear explanations and warm, caring approach helped me so much. Thanks for everything!”

–Rebecca Easton, Eugene, OR


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