how acupuncture works for Sports Injuries

Acupuncture is exceptionally useful in treating chronic and acute pain. Effects of acupuncture include the increased release of endorphins, which help to relieve pain, as well as improved circulation to the impacted sites.


patient reviews

healed fairly serious injuries

“Hi, I’m Marietta Bonaventure, also known as Vexine. I play roller derby with the Flat Track Furies. We are sponsored by Turning Point Acupuncture, whose services I have used many, many times.

"I’ve healed so many fairly serious injuries with the help of Turning Point’s great practitioners and I rely on them for healing up all my little owies. They do a wonderful job. Thank you.”

-Marietta Bonaventure, Eugene, OR


allowed me to keep doing what i love

“Hi, I’m Bess Day, also known as Aphrofighty. I skate roller derby with the Flat Track Furies with the Emerald City Roller Girls roller derby league. I came to Turning Point originally because I was skating in a bout and I got nailed by this giant, 300-pound woman. She sent me flying. I landed right on the sweet spot of my rear end. I had just shooting pain all down my leg.

"I went to Tom and he hooked me right up with some great treatment and got me back on the track in no time flat. Since then, he has treated me for shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, general stress, and the abuse that we take out here on the track. He has allowed me and my 39-year-old body to keep skating and doing what I love. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

--Bess Day, Eugene, OR


feel better all over

“Hi, my name is Katie Bennett. I am also known as Katarina Van Rotten, and I skate for the Flat Track Furies, which is one of the Emerald City Roller Girls teams. I play roller derby, and it’s a really physical, very athletic sport. I’ve always been athletic, but this definitely pushes me to my limits. I started coming into Turning Point Center to address some specific problems that I have: tightness in my knees, a recent injury to my hip.

"What I found is that when I leave I feel better all over. It really allows me some space to relax and regroup and to address not just that one area but all the things that come with being injured when you are a really competitive person. I am really grateful to Turning Point Center for making me feel better and for being a really great place to come.”

--Katie Bennett, Eugene, OR


“So Grateful”: Elite Athlete Melody Fairchild On Acupuncture For NeuromA

In 2006, Melody Fairchild could not walk barefoot across a hardwood floor because the pain in her swollen left foot was too intense. Despite daily treatments with ice and self-massage, the pain persisted for seven months.

Melody had Morton’s neuroma: an inflamed nerve in her foot. This diagnosis was particularly troubling because Melody was born to run. Considered by many to be the greatest high school distance runner of all time, she was the first high school girl to run two miles in under ten minutes, a two-time national cross-country champion, and the bronze medalist at the world championships. She wasn’t about to let a neuroma stop her.

“Countless other professional athletes suggested that I get invasive surgery to cut the nerve out of my foot,” she said, “but another friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture.”

She remembers vividly the effect of each treatment: “I would lie down and be in this extremely deep state of relaxation.” By the third treatment, Melody could feel and see the difference. “My foot was visibly wider. It was like he used a winch to make space between those tight metatarsals.”

During her two-month course of treatment, Melody was also careful to alter her activity to give the acupuncture a chance to work. “I was a good patient,” she says.

As a result of acupuncture treatment, the neuroma “melted” and she could run again. “I am so grateful that I avoided a painful surgery that would have resulted in loss of sensation forever,” she says. “The acupuncture was so successful.

In addition to training for races, Melody coaches adults and children privately, leads running camps for middle and high school girls, and teaches Cortical Field Re-education, a movement awareness discipline. Find out more about Melody at