how acupuncture works for Stress Relief

Acupuncture can help relieve the stress experienced by millions of people every day. By lowering stress hormones and raising the level of mood-boosting endorphins in your system, acupuncture can be a positive part of your effort to relieve stress.


really grateful

"I started coming to Turning Point because my husband was a patient here and I saw what it was doing for him. He's a cancer survivor and he's interested in doing integrative medicine both from the east and west. I have my own health challenges. I have heart issues. I have arrhythmias, stress, and depression.

"So, I started to come to Turning Point. I had a hip injury. I fell down the stairs when I was pregnant with my daughter when I was 30. My hip would always go out of alignment. Over the years, I kept getting stiffer and stiffer. After several months of treatment, I was able to put on my pants with lifting up my legs without having to lean on anything. I was so excited. It was like a miracle to me.

"With nutrition, being good to myself, and making healthy lifestyle changes through guidance of Tom Williams and his lovely wife Holly, I followed some advice of theirs and I also got some extra help. I am now off of my anti-arrhythmia medicine. I am only doing that as needed. I am off of my reflux medicine. I am off of asthma medicine. I am healthier than I have ever been in my life I believe. I am off of my depression medicine. I use the alpha stimulator to be able to sleep. I no longer need my anti-depressants. 

"Recently, I had very, very sick virus. I lost my voice. For the second time, I was able to rid of my laryngitis after an acupuncture treatment. The first time was a few years ago when I was in a play. I had a lead. I was singing the lead of Carmen in Curtains and I had no voice. And so both years ago and again, as proof, last week: I now have my voice. You can hear. I am not gravelly like some kind of sexy, raspy old jazz singer. 

"The interesting thing that I find here is that I can lay on the table and feel the effects of the needles before he even puts them in right now. It's so peaceful here and wonderful. I always come away feeling nurtured and fed spiritually and physically. I am really grateful to acupuncture. I highly recommend it to people. 

"I recently had my neck and shoulder hurt so badly, I was going into vertigo. Once I started up treatment again, the vertigo hasn't returned. I am starting to run and take belly dancing. I recover really quickly now from any kind of joint or pain from the exercise. I am able to exercise at a higher level than I have in years. I am so totally grateful to Turning Point and to Tom Williams and Holly. It's a very, very lovely place to come and to heal."