how acupuncture works for Tendonitis

Tendonitis is a painful condition that can often be relieved through the use of acupuncture. By regulating circulation of blood and oxygen to the affected area, acupuncture reduces swelling, reduces pain, and improves encourages both healing and a reduction in pain and improves range of motion.

At 1:20, Tom describes the effect of stimulating the "influential point" for tendons, which induces a de qi response in which the muscle jumps and the body seems to grab the needle. Tom calls it this response the "Chi Jolt."

patient review

“I have suffered from tendonitis in both my arms, hands, and back for twelve years. The pain was so debilitating at times that I could not do simple acts like picking up an eating utensil without dropping it. I could not hold a pen to write. As one can see, I can pick up my pen now to write about my acupuncture experience.

Before I tried acupuncture, I tried the usual anti-inflammatory drugs. These only dulled the pain and did little, if anything, to cure the problem. The combination of stretches, strengthening of the muscles, and massage that I learned from physical therapy started my healing process, but it was not until I combined these with acupuncture that I really reaped the benefits.

I am a professional classical saxophonist. Thanks to acupuncture, I am able to continue my career. I sincerely believe that without acupuncture, my career would be over at age thirty and that I would be jobless, wandering and looking for a new career.”

-Christopher Walker, Eugene, OR