how acupuncture works for Thigh Pain

Thigh pain can often be relieved through the use of acupuncture. By increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to the thigh, acupuncture encourages both healing and a reduction in pain and swelling.

patient review

By day, she is a star UO student and able office assistant at Turning Point Center Acupuncture Clinic. By night and on weekends, Lily Herd is a member of the #1 ranked women’s ultimate frisbee team, Fugue.

At the Northwest Regionals tournament in Eugene earlier this month, Lily assisted on three goals in just the second half of the game, helping to push Fugue into first place in the nation. Lily hypothesizes that one of the reasons the UO team is so good is that they hang out together all the time. “We have a high level of respect for each other, which really helps with a team sport,” she says.

Lily has been playing for more than six years, but did not get to play in the championship game of 2010, because of a chronic injury in her left thigh muscle. “This year, I have played the entire season,” she says. “I firmly believe that acupuncture and orthopedic massage are the reason why I have been able to play consistently at tournaments and at practices. Treatments have kept the blood flowing and helped heal the muscle tissue after a tournament or very long periods of play.” Given that they often play 14 hours of ultimate frisbee in one weekend tournament, this is a pretty significant improvement!

If you would like to help Lily and her Fugue teammates go to nationals in Boulder, Colorado on May 25-28, send a tax-deductible donation payable to the UO Foundation to: Oregon Women’s Ultimate, Club Sports, Erb Memorial Union, 1228 E. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403. On the memo line, write: Oregon Women’s Ultimate, #25-5952.