how acupuncture works for Women's Health

By regulating hormone levels and blood circulation, acupuncture can treat a variety of women's health issues, including infertility and migraine headaches. By affecting the areas of the brain that regulate temperature and control nausea and vomiting, acupuncture can also decrease the severity of hot flashes and morning sickness.

In this video, Tom discusses the way in which acupuncture treatment that strengthens the kidney will help to reduce the patient's hot flashes and other associated symptoms.

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a really good experience

"I was throwing up four to five times a day while working full-time as a teacher, so it was quite challenging. I tried everything. I tried the motion sickness bracelets. I tried vitamin B-12, sleeping pills that were supposed to help with nausea. Everything would help for a day or two. I then tried medications and ended with an anti-nausea medication that they use for chemo patients. 

"All of it felt wrong to do while pregnant, but I was kind of at a loss and in survival mode. All of them would work for a day or two then stop. One day, when I was visiting my OB there was a fill-in nurse who recommended acupuncture. I hadn't tried it because I didn't know it was available and my OB had never recommended it. 

"Willing to do anything, I came to Turning Point. Within a week, I was throwing up twice a day and then once a week. The vomiting completely stopped within two weeks. I came regularly. I did have to come a lot in the beginning and then it just slowly tapered out. I remember the day Tom told me that I don't think you need to come any more. I got big tears in my eyes. He said, 'No, no, you can keep coming!' I kept coming and it was wonderful. It helped, obviously with the nausea, but just with relaxing during my pregnancy and it was great. 

"Fast forward another year and a half and a friend of mine was suffering from fibromyalgia and going through different medications and doctors and not knowing what to do. She ended up retiring early from the teaching profession that she loved dearly because of how uncomfortable she was. 

"I receive the Turning Point newsletters and one was highlighting acupuncture with fibromyalgia. I forwarded it to her and said, "Hey, I don't know how you feel about this, but just a thought, you could try it." And she's been coming ever since. She has had such relief and been able to enjoy her family and her retirement. It helps with so many of her symptoms that she wasn't able to find help with through traditional medicine and medications. 

"With my experience and her experience and spreading the word, I think it's been a really good experience for all of us."


patient reviews

“After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, I was prescribed Clomid (a fertility drug). For two years my husband and I tried to get pregnant while taking Clomid without success. At that time I visited the Turning Point Center for help with an unrelated condition. During my initial visit there the fertility issue came up and Tom offered to include help with that in my overall treatment plan. One month later I was pregnant and am now five months along.

"In my professional work as a massage therapist I’ve heard many other success stories from clients about acupuncture. I am a firm believer in acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone seeking better health.”

-Caitlin Richardson, LMT, Eugene, OR


“I came to the Turning Point Center because my partner and I were told that due to age and my high FSH levels, we had very little chance of conceiving a child. As part of our efforts to increase our fertility I received several months of regular acupuncture treatments from Tom to help improve my overall ovarian function.

"Not only did the needles not hurt, I found each session to be completely relaxing during what was a fairly stressful time. I believe that my work with the Turning Point Center and fertility doctor finally created the right environment for becoming pregnant and we are grateful to be expecting a little girl in 6 weeks. I personally believe that acupuncture was a tremendous help and one of the main reasons we are pregnant.”

–Kelly Darnell, Eugene, OR


“One of the symptoms of my menopausal journey was erratic bleeding. The condition had two forms. One was flooding which was so intense it was hard to leave home. Secondly, at times the bleeding was lighter but would not stop for over a month. After having a biopsy, trying herbs, and spending a great deal of money, I tried acupuncture. It took about three treatments to help my body balance. Since then if I notice the early signs of menstrual irregularity and go in for treatment. Acupuncture has allowed me to experience this time of change with a bit of grace.”

-Maggie Donahue, LMT, Eugene, OR


“The quality of care I have received is great. Even better than great. I was also treated for hot flashes and night sweats–these are down to almost none. I was also treated for arthritis and pain in my lower back and nagging pain and stiffness in my neck (that has been there for over ten years). After two treatments, I noticed remarkable relief. Continuing treatments have made them almost nonexistent.”

-Pam Stanton, Springfield, OR